Arsip untuk Januari, 2008


Today, international news is dominated by the progress of caucus electoral process in United States of America (USA) whether Democrat or Republic Party.


There are two interesting phenomena we can see here. First is the domination of the news by the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Although the caucus process is also done by the Republican, but news agency give more portion to the how Obama and Hillary making every effort to draw support and vote from public, especially democrats. The news about the result of Republic caucus election just follow them, and for some cases is added by the picture how someone of the candidates from Republic, like Mc Cain or Huckabee, doing his campaign. But this is not as that important if we compare to the other phenomenon that we see. It is how personal emotion doing its best role in attracting people to vote someone.


The first caucus election in Iowa showed that Obama is the number one for Democrat. Well, it doesn’t simply imply the final result of election, but it can be a sign that many democrats are eager to change what has been happening for this two periods of Bush’s administration. In my opinion, for general, Americans also want to have something new, something fresh, in their country’s foreign policy, regarding to the main issue brought in campaign by the candidates. Therefore, Democrat that is dominated by young candidates, compared to Republic, draws more attention than its counterpart.

The win of Obama in Iowa was also followed by the prediction that he will win for all of caucus election. Some researches put Obama always in the top of the three candidates. But what happens in the New Hampshire caucus is not what we see from that result. For times, research does not fit to the reality: Hillary won over Obama and John Edward. Although it is not a significant lose, but this mean that Hillary can draw more sympathy than Obama. What has been she done? In a campaign at a coffee café, which was also attended by many women, there was a question appear, asking how Hillary can manage herself in many roles she has: being a wife, a mom, and a politician in the same time. This question just like a golden card for her, a trove of bridge, where she answered it with wavering sound that it is so personal for her, that election is not just a game, something that she think others do. It is for the future of the nation, the future of the children. It was so touching; therefore some channel broadcast it for times. The result is just like what we see today.

This phenomenon also reminds us to what happened in Indonesia’s election to choose its president in 2004. Not far before election, Presiden Megawati, who was in charge at the moment, seemed to decrease the role of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, our president today that at the time was the coordinator minister for the department of political and security. Soon after the media catch this, it then blown up and draw sympathy of the people to him so that he can take the rule now. I still remember what Yudhoyono has implied from his speech at that “crisis” time that his “alienation” from cabinet in a very crucial moment, where the threat of separatists increased, is not a good manner taking by President Megawati. He delivered his speech in a way that the eyes of viewers from their houses could not turn to other things.

So from now, for those who are campaigning for something, do not ever imagine that you can get a lot of vote and support if you do not try to touch the heart of the constituents you might want.