Arsip untuk Juli, 2008


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Why should I become impatient

For I haven’t felt the pleasures yet

The real and unlimited ocean

And now I look to a piece of water

at the end of my finger

My eyes? Where are they for the sun shining in the morning?


Waiting or Searching?

Posted: 25 Juli 2008 in Uncategorized

Asking is an activity that people like the most. But what happen if some thing that we ask is what we receive before as “an undenial truth”? This is one of the most critical points I’ve got from the book “Aku Beriman Maka Aku Bertanya” by an American Mathematics Prof named Jeffrey Lang. He started his journey by asking faith, to be spesific, why human being exist. Although he read Quran by questioning it – not like how muslims commonly do -, he did it objectively. What I mean with it is that he never – or probably minimally – bring his preasumption to his reading. As the result, atheis Lang decided to SUBMIT himself to Islam.

Prof. Jeffrey Lang

He told that Quran has answered his very critical questions. Indeed, it answered structurally, simple but full of meaning. This what I feel right now, perhaps others do. Searching is more human than waiting. So, I do recomend you to find the books (with “Even Angel Ask” and “Struggle to Surender”) and complete your collection with them.

Congrats for HIMA HI Unpad

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This posting is an apreciation for HIMA HI Unpad’s blog launching about three weeks ago. I will support for the progress of it and be available to contribute anything needed. For the visitors, you can also make your mark to it by visiting the blog or even sending the author materials you have for being posted. To visit it, please click

Here you’ll find how the people of Unpad’s International Relations talk about themselves, their studies, and the world. Events are also reviewed very well by the author or his colleagues. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find new friends in rich of color.

So, once more, please move your mouse over and click to this incredible site!