Arsip untuk Agustus, 2008

For many students in my year, a lot of attention is drawn to an exhausting process named writing thesis. As almost student know, it is a final paper conditioned for graduation. I myself still working on it. To be honest, firstly I thought that it would be nice. But until this moment, I’m still in the rush of it. First, I have to start with focusing my topic. It is not an easy task, too, because I have to see the issue as well as the unit and level of analysis. (well, the program installed in this computer is so helping in writing this post,,I know which word that is incorrect in spelling,,hihi) Second, I have to ask from the deep of my heart (to be more dramatic) about the aims of my writing.. You know, its contribution is so critical in formulating research question,, and guys, I have to rebuild it still. Third, and this is more important, the method that will be applied have to show the consistency of me in conducting research.

Okey, let see how I make this all done.. If there is an examiner destruct what I have arranged,,just find me shoot him/her, then,,,hoho