Arsip untuk September, 2008

Have you ever trapped in a dilemma when you drive a motorcycle or car? It was what I experienced some days ago when I went to Bandung. And the story goes…

As usual, I go to Bandung for a (some) reason(s). For the inhabitant of Jatinangor like me, going to Bandung is not an easy thing. It is not about vehicle since there are some choices can be used to get in to Bandung. It is more about the distance. Well, I need for about 1 hour and 15 minutes long by using motorcycle and about 1,5 hours by using bus… tiring and consumes a lot of our time.
When it happened, I went to Bandung by motorcycling. It was in a bit sultry mid day and I drove in a relatively fast speed when I was on the way home. I saw from a distance that the next traffic light was green so that I made the speed faster. But unexpectedly, I could not reach it. The light had turned into red. Suddenly I was trapped in a dangerous dilemma. In one side, I had to stop my motorcycle soon because if I did not it would cause some consequences. First, I would be penalized by police watching from somewhere we could not predict before, and second, I could be hit by other vehicles from other direction. But in other hand, I could not stop it rapidly because if it so, it would shock others behind me and make them hit me from the back. It was so dilemmatic and pursued me to take a decision soon. At the end, I thanked God for saving me and guiding me to choose to stop gradually, although it caused my motorcycle a bit too frontward.
This experience inspires me to use this in the study of International Relations. Let me call the concept as “sudden-traffic light-turning dilemma.” Just like how prisoner’s dilemma is broadly employed in the study, this concept also has a probability to help us in explaining a condition when a state has to suddenly stop its policy but it will cause a two-direction consequence. The cause is not a traffic light of course, but an international law or regime. It is not police who enforce it but it is international society.
I still think over the example. If you discover any phenomenon reflecting this condition, feel free to tell me. Imagine that this concept is used by scholars and policy makers around the world. It is not impossible for us to be paneled with Kenneth Waltz, Joseph Nye, or any other scholar you expect with.. [smiley] The most important, it will contribute to the development of the study itself.


The Monopoli Phenomenon

Posted: 27 September 2008 in Uncategorized

This is still in Ramadhan. An amusing phenomenon has shocked me in the middle of the first half of the month. It is about how youngsters spend their time. The shock appeared when I found an irony inside. Ramadhan is a special period for Muslim across the world because of its benefit in making them closer to the Almighty. Therefore, people make their daily activities they usually do in other months shorter and smoother. The logic is because it will enable them to be more concern to their worship to God. But, what happen today, as it is also seen in many Ramadhan before, people especially the youth try to find activities that can be used to “kill” the time so that they will reach break fasting time without any long-waiting feeling. One of the most common ways is by doing some games, including a dice-conducted game called Monopoli.

Probably I am the one of those young people who is attracted by this kind of activity in Ramadhan. This interest brought me, with my friend Ragil, in a Monopoli hunting. It was not a real hunting actually as we just visited two places in a mall nearby. Firstly we did not know which part of the mall that sold Monopoli. Just because there was a box fulfilled by children toys in a shop we bravely asked the keeper whether it was sold there. Unbelievably, the keeper gave us hope as she said that it is located in the back side of the shop. Immediately we had arrived in the spot the keeper told us, yet we still could not find it. The keeper helped us to find it, but the result was zero. After asking to the other keeper, she closed down our hope: the Monopolis were entirely sold.

I tried to dig some other idea about places selling the game as well as my friend. Our concern was focused to a bookstore in the mall named Tisera. I believed at the time that they have it a lot, so it will be impossible for them to have it sold out. However, we have to be prepared to face the fact since we can not make sure at all what will happen. It used to be there, but it did not. The most shocking thing was the fact that it was sold out, too… Amazing!
Two places and both had it empty by demand. We went out from the mall by wondering what exactly happened. Ramadhan is a time of worship, a special time for God, an enjoying time for playing Monopoli..:p

Ramadhan Freak

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O my rose! For the live is short

Nothing but hope..

Horey! Alhamdulillah..We have been arrived in Ramadhan, again. Today is the day 6 we are doing fasting. Well, to be more lively, lets talk about my (and your) hope in this special month,,hm,,

I have some, ranging from uncommon circumstance to the “uncommon” food..

First, before we enter Ramadhan, people, including us, are forgiving each other. Thanks for technology today, for we can do it just by sending messages.. Anyway, for some, this is not preferable choice, since the core of doing it is to strengthen relationship (silaturahmi?) by meeting physically.. Yea, just choose which way you like the most, then.

After all, I often feel discomfort with the wording people use to ask forgiveness. There are a lot of variation because different people will send different words (although some people just forwarding one they have received from others), I do recognize, yet most of them are getting more poetical.. What I want to say is, yes, probably they want to make something touchy for the sake of beauty of forgiveness, but for me, it more seems like a joke. Ultimately, it is just my opinion.. Anyway, this “forgiving-each-other” makes my world changes dramatically, and so does with the way of people spending their time..

Second, in this full-of-blessing time, people turn to the better behavior, at least in front of the others. Reading Qoran is something refreshing, as well as making charity or saying salam. Mosques everywhere are getting “warmer” because of increasing number of muslims doing activities inside. You know, when I was in an electronic trading central in Bandung some days ago, I saw a woman wearing shorts (believe me it so short) walked between many male shopkeepers waiting for the buyers.. It seemed so funny at the time,,you know, it will be automatically for men to direct their eyes to “the object” when there is such kind of thing.. Yet, it just happened for a moment..”Puasa! Puasa!” they shouted to each other a moment after,,hm,,

Third, or the last for now (it has been 11.30. Going to be Dzuhur), at the time before adzan, there will be a lot of break fasting menu sold in Unpad gate. Kolak, es buah,, are some of favorite tajil students like. It will be quite difficult to find those food outside of this month. Finally, korma is a good diet to break our fasting, I think, with a glass of water of course.

Ya!! those are a bit about what intersting from this Ramadhan,,in Jatinangor, a part of hope as well. Other intersting stories are wellcomed,, Have a nice fasting!