Arsip untuk Oktober, 2008

Two days ago I accompanied my friends (not really accompanied actually since they asked me to be their “driver”) to go to our friend’s wed party. The event had been started at 7 a.m. but we just came at 12. Hmm,, lunch time exactly,, We stayed there for about 2 hours then didn’t know what to do after since they (then become we) rent a car for 12 hours. If we started from Jatinangor at 10 a.m. and our attendance to the event ended at 2 p.m., it means that we still had 8 hours rest. They, who are all the girls, started to plan many. One of them said that we could take a walk in a traditional market so she could buy stuffs for cooking. The other one said that we could visit Tangkuban Parahu since Lembang, the place where the party was located, is not far away from it. A lot of ideas as well as a lot of confuse.. and one of their friends suggested to go home at the time since she had to prepare for her test..God,, that was my fist time for being in the mid of girl’s complication,, I was trapped,,

I suggested them to go to PVJ for one of them hadn’t visited it yet. The vote was not plausible. Ok then, as a driver, I just followed the strongest voice behind me,,

Anyway, when we had already in Bandung, one of them who is exactly I know for real (she is my friend in KKN. the others are her friends), initiated us to turn into BSM, one of the biggest mall in Bandung. Well, we approved it since we didn’t have ideas anymore to go to,,and there I got an exciting phenomenon..

You know, BSM is an elite mall. Goods are so expensive. People visiting it are mid-upper class, although some are really mid or lower. Hmm,, we all were inside. I didn’t know whether I had to follow them since, again, they were all girls,,and you’ll never knew what they intended to see and buy in a mall,, As a result, I went around myself.

In a corner of the mall above the escalator, there was an Islamic computer program seller. It sold programs such as Quran and videos related to the Islamic stuffs. It shocked me for real, because in one side, BSM is a place where capitalism is growing well, while in other side, there is a spot inside which relates to religion, something that is usually well-known as opposing it.

Our world now isĀ facing many paradoxes.


I was shocked by a drastic change in Jatinangor weather this later days. Before this 2 recent days, I got my place, Jatinangor, so hot. It was about 33 celcius degree and I had felt burned when I had to get into or go back from campus. But as I said this 2 recent days, Jatinangor was so cool. It was rainy sometimes. The weather now is getting unpredictable.

Why is it so?

I just thought about two probability. First, because this is the time what people called as pancaroba. Second, it is the impact of global warming.

It has been long time in Indonesia to experience dry season, though there are some parts in this country have been suffered by flood. Now, as a part of cyclical process, it will turn to the wet season. And the turning phase is not directly happen. That is what might be happen right now.

Anyway, I do believe that, despite it has a deal with pancaroba, it has also a relation with global warming. This is because, if you feel this, the gradation of the change has a wide range between two extrimes. If you feel this day is so sultry, then tomorrow you can be freezed because of the weather. This extrime and sudden that make me believe in it.

Jatinangor is a good place, however. It is a proof of global warming detrimental impact and a place where some of environment activists move. A local with global experience.

Tegal: Bold

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As a Tegalnese, I am really curious about this ads, and finally I find it. Check this out:

Do You Know Your Governor?

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I was watching a discussion program through streaming facility provided by TV One on its site when I found an amusing fact that many of Indonesians, indicated from a small direct interview to the some people met by the interviewer on the street, do not know the name of their local government leader except he or she is a public figure. The reporter asked to some people about the name of West Java’s vice governor. Most of them could answer it rightly, since they knew that he is Dede Yusuf who used to play in some TV programs. But when they were asked with the question of the Gov’s name, not all of the interviewees could repeat their success in answering the question. This fact seemingly leads us to the conclusion that an actor or actress has more probability for being voted by people in an election. But other fact tells us a difference.

I do believe that we still remember the loss of Helmi Yahya, a candidate of vice governor for South Sumatera in the latest election, who is also a public figure. His appearance on TV can not be undermined. He was, indeed, one of the comentators for a tallent seeking program in a private station that attract a wide range of viewers across the country. This fact shows that an actor or actress is not a guarantee to win an election. Of course, there is still one thing that we have to consider in this case, which is the objectivity of the election itself.

After waiting for a long time, finally I got the video file of presidential debate between Barack Obama (Democratic’s candidate) and John Mc Cain (Republican’s) and vice presidential debate (if I can call it so) between Joseph Biden of Democratic and Sarah Palin of Republican.

Ultimately, I found that Obama is one step more frontward than Mc Cain. First, because Mc Cain, and Palin, failed to build a strong proposal, and second, because Obama and Biden could perform better, wiser, than their counterparts. Further discussion on this issue will be published latter..(hihihi, i need to take a bath first)