Arsip untuk Desember, 2008

I see Indonesia’s economy today is not much more better than before. Yes, there are statistical facts showing that Indonesia’s macro-economy is better, for example from the amount of foreign reserve and its international debt. While foreign reserve is increasing – this year shows a magnificent one since it is the biggest Indonesia has ever had -, its foreign debt is declining. From macro side, it is better than before.

But macro-economy doesn’t always portray the real condition of people, especially those who live outside of big businesses circle. In fact, although the government is making every effort in facing global economic crisis recently, the impact of the crisis is still inevitable. Economists project that Indonesia will suffer the impact of the crisis in the following time as it has a vast dependence to the foreign direct investment. In many local area, people begin to feel the rise of prices due to the crisis effecting the higher price of imported comodities.

This condition can be traced from what we recognize as the economic system of this country. Indonesia is an open economy that its economy is so dependent to the condition of world economy. What Indonesia has is accounted from transactions with other countries and is not based on gold preservation. This makes the economy of this country is so fluid. Therefore, the risk of it for being suffered by world economy instability is as big as its opportunity for being affected of global economic rise. Since the bad impact is often dreadful for more people than the good one, I think this great dependence over outside development is not constructive for Indonesia’s future.

I propose this country to apply a more fixed economic system. Gold ownership, as it had been used as a tool in determining the economic strength of a country, is a good idea to be implemented. Although Indonesia doesn’t have to remove its openess in economy, it will have stronger profile in front of many other countries as it preserves a convincing number of gold that indicate its strength. It also can be used as a reserved fund resources when the country has to face a crisis.

How, then, Indonesia can improve its gold reservation? Indonesia is a mineral-rich country, including gold. What Indonesia has to do right now is ensuring that it can produce gold by itself. Therefore, the need for technology transfer from multinational companies operating in Indonesia in mining field must be fulfilled soon. If it has been done, since the companies have existed in Indonesia for years, then we have to be brave to produce it ourselves. I believe that this system can help to make the country’s economy better.


Exhausting but Exciting

Posted: 17 Desember 2008 in Uncategorized

This month is the phase for interview. I have already completed my 2nd and 3rd chapter of my paper, although I haven’t finished its assistance yet. My first main interview was with Mr. Chilman Arisman, the Director of Dialogue Partner and Inter-Region Cooperation, Department of Foregin Affairs, Republic of Indonesia. About two weeks after, I visited China’s embassy to make an interview with Ms. Xia Lijing, the attache for political section. Well, about two days ago I went back to Jakarta for three destinations: ASEAN Secretariat to see Dr. Termsak Chalermpalanupap (he is the special assitant to the secretary-general of ASEAN); around Australian Embassy (actually I met with Mr. Michael Bliss, the Minister Councellor for Political and Economic affairs of the Embassy) at Starbucks since it would be difficult for me to enter into the embassy because of the strict security system); and China’s embassy to take the letter I asked, informing that I have conducted an interview there. Going to three places in Jakarta in one day was not easy. Besides of the humid, Jakarta was so hectic for its traffic. As a result, although I was very happy, and now I am still happy, because finally I completed my interview for my graduation paper, I was so exhausted at that time. Despite to go back to Jatinangor, I preferred to visit my friend and stay there overnight. Anyway, this paper thing help me to feel the tention of a research.. and I try to never give up as Ms. Xia said, “you’ll never find that kind of time in the future when you have already got a job.” Hmm..keep spirit!

nb: remarkable appreciation I deliver to Ms. Ria Uki Suharsi who has been being a very patient and constructive discussion partner during the process of collecting data and information. I wish you all the best.

Children in Palestine

Posted: 10 Desember 2008 in Uncategorized

Human abuse in Palestine has been very well-known especially in Muslim world. But it doesn’t mean that people in the non-Muslim world don’t care about the problem. I remember what Ibu Dina has said in a talk show before, that what we have to do right now is to voicing what happen in Palestine. Here is one of my efforts to realize it. I put a heart-touching video about a children telling her house has been ruined by Israeli troops.

For my dear fellows every where, humanity is borderless..