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Some cases can be raised up

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Well, as a follow up of my previous posting, I would like to share some points that I’ve got. First, Israeli troops have committed a war crime. It can be seen from the use of white phosphorus during the war and Palestinian as the target together with HAMAS combatants. Second, they have also committed a crime against humanity. It is clear that Israel has blocked the humanitarian aid to enter into Gaza. Third, Israel has committed a crime against peace. In this case, although Israel claimed that its attack was to defend itself from HAMAS’s rocket attacks, but even if it was true, in fact HAMAS has already done it for times before. It can not be considered as an extraordinary attack then. So the claim was failed. Therefore, the condition where an attack is justifiable (jus ad bellum) can not be fulfilled by Israel, and it makes the attack must be considered as a crime against peace.


Dear friends,

This posting is to propose a group named above as an effort to give contribution to the conflict settlement on what happening in Palestine today.

The very basic idea of this group is to contribute in more fruitful way as a humanitarian solidarity for the people of Palestine victimized by a war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. There have been a lot of actions such as organizing demonstration condemning military action done by Israel over Gaza civilian, creating charity for the victims, and spreading the up to date information about what exactly occur in Palestine. I do support those kind of actions and intend to propose another line of support through academically law way.

The activity of this group is to arrange a supportive law suit paper that will be submitted to some international institutions for being regarded as a strong pursuit of legal conflict settlement from international society that strongly urge a world as a better place for human being.

The core of the law suit paper is to show the violation over international humanitarian law (which also regarded as the law of war) done by Israeli military in conducting armed conflict with Hamas. The increasing number of dead among civilian in Palestine has shown that crime against humanity has occur during the attack. By collecting data that prove the violation to the international humanitarian law and building a systematical law logic, I do hope that this can contribute to the real case building by any group to defend the rights of Palestinian by bringing this crime against humanity to an international trial.

For my dear fellows who are interested in this method, please contact me soon. Any one with any academic background is welcomed.

I’ll be waiting for your contribution here. Thanks.

Saya kesal, karena sudah menulis panjang lebar tentang East Asia, hanya karena sambungan internet putus sejenak, hilang semua tulisan saya…