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Roh and Corruption

Posted: 24 Mei 2009 in Uncategorized

I was shocked reading a title on yahoo’s short news stating the death of former president of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun when I just started to open web page today. Because of that, a plan to continue my previous writing (about ADB) is postponed, just to give a space of time for me to make a retreat on what happen with Asian politicians.

Roh is reported to commit suicide after a penetrating corruption investigation attacked his life these last days. He said, “too many people are suffering because of me” on his computer (, showing a deep sorry of what might coil he up.

This incident reminds me to what also often happen to the Japanese politicians when they are indicated have something to do with corruption. Shortly, it seems that corruption is the most embarrassing crime that should never be touched even just for a sip. Or, even if they have willingness to do so, it must not to be blown up to public. Let it sleep in secret.

Now, what happen to our respectful House of Representative’s members.. Many of them have been caught and imprisoned, yet there is no even a word of sorry they’ve said to the public. They are choosen to be the representative of people, to magnify people’s aspiration. In fact, they do corruption in that position and no words of apology because of it. Commiting suicide because of feeling sorry? Seems like a dream that is still far away from being true. I am not dreaming it, anyway. I am hoping for no more corruption. I do hope that the next president will be very serious in eradicating the crime. Whoever he/ she is. And, the most important is that, making those who corrupt feel ashamed for what they did!


Jusuf Kalla
1. Talkative
2. Relevant Humor
3. Simple words
4. Smart
5. Nationalist
1. Less point on economically-low people
2. Having too strong background of entrepreneur (influencing vastly his main topic)

1. Well organized (systematically structured)
2. Firm
3. Responsive to the issue (e.g. neolib-accusation)
1. Exceedingly formal
2. Sophisticated words

1. Propose other perspective (perspective of a house wife who touches daily needs directly)
2. Simplifying words, but works (e.g. “gampang saja”, “sederhana saja”)
1. Lack of example (she repeated BPPN for times)
2. No concrete explanation about how “ekonomi kerakyatan” will be conducted

Global financial crisis attacking United States last year has widely spread almost to all region in this world and until now the issue is still grabbing serious concern from experts as well as policy makers. Asia is one of the region that pay more attention to the crisis since in this latest years this region is regarded as the fastest growing region ecpecially refering to China and India. Now, when the Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducting its 42nd annual meeting in Bali, the issue apears to become the main one to discuss. Some plans are issued, indicating that the crisis has caused a destructive impact to the Asian economies. But the question is, is that true that Asia is suffered that badly? And, how does Indonesia, as the host, make it relefant to the real need that Asians have today?

As we know that the crisis impacts a country if there is a strong connection between its economy with US’s and European countries’s economy, which is defined with the high percentage of their foreign investor registered in its stock exchange.

ADB’s response to the crisis features an additional $10 billion of ADB assistance in 2009-2010. The crisis assistance will include a new $3 billion Countercyclical Support Facility to disburse funds quickly and efficiently for urgent needs, and a front-loading of Asian Development Fund resources to provide $3.4 billion to ADF recipient countries this year. It also includes up to $1 billion to support trade financing, which is expected to generate up to $15 billion in trade support. (