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A Call from Sidoarjo

Posted: 23 Juli 2009 in Uncategorized



I’ve just read a news about Lapindo mudflow in the Jakarta Post and I was shocked. Just check the news out, then you’ll find what a huge disaster it may be. It is rationally acceptable, that the land will sink when the part inside, which is the mud, spews in significant amount, leaving it bare. The sign, based on the news, has emerged, where some of houses’ base get down. This condition urges an immediate measure taking by government to stop the mud spewing. The government should focus on this quest, regarding that what they have done during this time, together with the company operating in that area before, is just responding the effects, not solving the very basic problem. As a result, we can see now, how it may cause more dreadful and expanding consequences. Yes it is difficult, but it will be more difficult to see more and more people lose their home..