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Nice Moment

Posted: 21 November 2009 in Uncategorized

Every body has his or her own nicest moment. I regard this as the one that provides us with peaceful acceptance to the circumstances around. And this night is one of mines. Writing in a weekend while listening to Ms. Sarah Chang’s Sad Romance and enjoying Koko Krunch Duo with bearbrand [thanks to Nestle’s annual voucher ^^]. Actually I was thinking about writing of my favorite violinist, Ms. Chang. She inspires me a lot, not to mention that I can play as her ^^ Unfortunatelly, my very basic practice can not be continued yet since I don’t have my violin here in Jakarta, indeed, its broken now. I haven’t repaired it yet. Actually, it needs an over-all check up, just like our body when it becomes the object of medical one. Probably it will be better for me to see Kang Panji since he is Jakartanese and start my fortune for the second time [he taught me just for “cents” hehehe]. Hopefully my work can be accomplished well so I can start to have one step further concern. It is a set of concern actually. Playing with Ms. Chang is one of them [hahahaha,,,kejarlah mimpimu! :D]

Anyway, today is my last day for being modern trade merchandiser. A litle bit exhausting, just like others, yet its awakening. My tandem is so lovely. I can’t stop myself from thinking her as one of my inspiration. O people, o dream, it is a mystery that Mawlana has discovered it hundred of years ago.. [lagi2 ingat Maulana,,wish we can be closer ^^]

So, enjoy my night!


We Have Many

Posted: 19 November 2009 in Uncategorized

I got this very lately, for I was experiencing a great lesson from the one I ask for love. One day I protest myself for being trapped in my own world, the world that finally fence me in. Why must to be like this, hoping for something that people even might not have any interest on it. Then one by one it appears obviously. First, I knew that we need to be out of [our own] box in order to get in to the extra miles. Second, many people give, and they give without being in what we received socially as a place of giving public service. We do, we can create it [oh God, even it must be better!]. That He provided me with all the best, I believe and I surender.

Now, lets accept it, that we are potentially contributive. Optimizing our potentials is now becoming our priority. My lecturer said that it must be started by being focus in what we do. That is true, I’ve implemented it in many chances. “Fokus pada pertandingan,” if you want to regard it so, just like one of our badminton players’s belief when he beat his Chinese counterpart.

Finally, can you build your own palace? Yes, we can. However, as Taj Mahal will be always for India, never compare yours to others’.

Days of Balthasar

Posted: 17 November 2009 in Uncategorized

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2012,,voila! let’s watch the movie! hahaha,, it is not about my thingking turning to this kind of concern. I do believe 100% of what The Book tells us about. But, it reminds me to Balthasar’s Odyssey (correct me if I’m wrong), and his journey to find the book of the end of the day. Year of 1666, it was, probably, the same as what Mayans thought about the year I mention at the beginning, which is 3 years a head from now. Yet, is it really like what it is expected? Oh my God, even we never find any of scripts telling us about a devastating tsunami in 2004. I mean, many big things happen around us, and it makes our prediction may be correct. One thing is interesting: what is the logic behind those forcasts existing in most of civilization? Which need is fulfilled?

But back to Balthasar, it is a great story Monsiour Maalouf! and I can’t wait to finish it soon,,hahaha