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I Miss

Posted: 27 Januari 2010 in Uncategorized

Cloudy days, I began my introduction to a small town in the edge of an island. It is so quiet, not too many people living inside. I tried to be as humble as possible by a Tuesday morning jogging, looking around, then found: students, local civil cervants, cows, horses, and the shy sunlight. I got a hospital, but today I am not sure I can bring you there by passing through the way I went through. Here, I miss a lot. I miss my breakfast partner. I miss my strength to not being too honest that I miss. My mirror, I am now open, for sure. I declare it loudly, just to make you listen that the wind and the sand must be signs that you have to come. I don’t know, but Rumi has so far found that his Tabrizi had deeply realized the importance of missing a thing.

Makan Malam di Losari

Posted: 12 Januari 2010 in Uncategorized

Ternyata mencari tempat makan malam yang tepat tidak mudah. Mengapa? Tepat, karena tidak ada alasan untuk tidak makan di dekat Pantai Losari, Makassar, ketika kita menginap di hotel yang letaknya tidak jauh dari sana. Tidak mudah, karena kebanyakan warung yang buka adalah kafe-kafe sederhana yang, sepertinya, tidak menyediakan makanan berat yang sesuai. Jatuhlah pilihan pada sebuah tempat makan, dengan situasi yang lumayan [sayang bagian pantai yang terdekat tidak terlihat karena dipagari untuk keperluan renovasi] tapi harga yang kurang moderat.

Budi, Rika, Deni Han

Ok, akhirnya semua memesan. Ya! Pasti! Tidak mungkin perjalanan panjang tanpa kendaraan berulang. Kami berbincang, mengambil satu-dua foto, lalu pulang.

Malam seperti biasa. Lelah lahir batin.

Captain of My Flight

Posted: 11 Januari 2010 in Uncategorized


My life is just taking off as I find myself in a plane bringing me to the city of sultanate. Hospitality is the key, and there is no doubt that Garuda will do it well. Like in this morning, I found the face of my Guru was exactly in front of me. No, look! The way he smile, the way he try to be humble in his dignity.. I tried to catch his eyes, the eyes of the captain for my flight. Sadly, it was trapped in a glass.. I was not in his view..

My memory went back to the day I’ll never forget.. The day when he offered me with a chance. A chance to be greater, a chance to write and write. My tribute for you Mr. Rezasyah.

Now, they both bring me to an extraordinary journey.. To a beautiful mine.