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Beauty and Not The Beast

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There are some places we can visit in Makassar. As I stayed in this town for a week in the beginning of January, I tried to catch up some of them.. Well, actually it was not merely to had a visit. Indeed, I with my friend, Rika Suryati, (correct me if I’m wrong Rika :D) had planned to have one special day for having fun in this eastern Indonesia’s biggest city. So, what we decided? Believe me, you can do this even in other cities. Yes, we did Karaoke.. 😀

(before going to NAF, we were in a mosque with a big Quran)

NAF was our target. Some days before, we found it in two spots which were close to each other. But the problem was, we didn’t have our own vehicle to get there (and it was impossible to ask Chaerul to bring us there, or to join us…for again and again). No other choices (well, actually we still leave “becak” as one of possibilities) than taking “angkot”, or people here call it PTPT (the name reminded me to the term used to express something that we afford together :)) ). Unfortunately, we didn’t know the track.. and yes, we were traveled to places we suspiciously stared.

Anyway, it was rain at the night… And with our highest spirit, we just couldn’t stop our feet to get the place, even when we need to get into one of the malls here since our first NAF was totally occupied. Finally, we got mad and leave the night with laugh… 😀

* Here is another pic; order might be satisfied 😀