Arsip untuk 22 Februari 2010

It was simply because of the AC that didn’t work well.. and a TV program I’d waited for just long time, or around 2 weeks for being more precise, that finally appeared in sudden, my night rest was then became a thoughtful mare to the “intelligence square debates” of Bloomberg. The motion was an astonishing “The US should step-back from its special relationship with Israel.” There were only two speakers in each sides, comparing to the three-participants in its other episode. The stories went good, when identification of motion’s definition took an important part for them. They were Roger Cohen of New York Times that stressed on no special benefit making it justifiable for the US to keep its special relationship with Israel rather than isolation which kept the US in an un-independent position and Rashid Chalidi of Columbia University who tried to make a mutual comparison between US relationship with its allies, on pros. In other side there were Stuart Eizenstat, former US state department official and Itamar Rabinovich, former Israeli ambassador to the US, who established their cons on loyal relationship had and has been expressed by the two countries, make it the only way for the US to act independently while, a little bit squirreling, preserving moral consideration of a best buddy. I am not going to talk about how the debate goes, instead, to take a look on the vote result, which, for me, gives a proof on how the mind work.

The debate was started with a clear possibility for a swift in vote. 42% of respondents standed against the motion while another 33% voted for it, leaving 25% undecided. At the end of debate, the configuration then became 49% for the motion, 47% against it, and 4% undecided. There was no any explanation whether that increase was totally endorsed by the undecided, but if that so, it remains stunning for me. As an analogy, eventhough many of Americans rejected war in Iraq, the fact said that the majority supported that action. In the case of this debate, Israel is not only an important partner in international relations for the US but also a country of symphaty: supporting her means doing something to compensate suffering Jews had experienced decades ago. Therefore, government’s policy to support Israel is not merely a political choice. It is a reflection of public interest. The debate show me that many Americans are really open minded where logic has its own critical position. I think this character should be developed in many communities around the world to preserve what humanity has reached today.