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Petition of Surender

Posted: 12 Desember 2010 in Uncategorized

After a quite long time for me not to take any book on my hands before sleeping, finally I got Gilbert’s again accompanying me to start a short dream of taking a rest before going to Hyatt to monitor (witness?) materials loading process for an important moment of one of my company’s growing products tomorrow..

i got into a part of when Gilbert is finally convinced by one of her close friends to make a petition to God. as a part of universe, Iva said, Gilbert is entitled to speak out her aspiration where anyone can vote for it. for me, i said to myself, sure… let the divinity makes its intervention to my life.

i keep struggle. not fight back. struggle, struggle to surender (has Jeffrey Lang made it a patent?). But sometimes i just fall into a dramatic personal recognition that i’m not brave enough to face the worst. or, at least, to really consider it as it is: a process of what people say “being out of comfort zone.” Yes, i want it. I mean, I am strong to be in a stand of positive turner of mind. that’s why, actually i am just exhausted by a repetition of commitment request on what i’ve heard before.

well, the issue is about the people that i will work with in a team. oh God, let me say, “I know. it’s just exhausting. lets go back to work.”

and to this life.

i will say,

“Where can I find you God?”