sunday morning, a legacy

Posted: 27 Maret 2011 in Uncategorized

Its been long time for me not to joining my friends’ futsal schedule..this morning I was stuck in a bit jam of cokroaminoto, catching the 8 o clock match that in fact was moved to 9..

Well, sunday morning is always energetic, as people get relieved after saturday full-day free time and facing the around 16 hours of free choices ahead.

I was witnessing some people bicycling in the downtown..some with family, others were either with friends or just loner. Its now becoming a trend for big cities inhabitant to ride bicycle as they are now having more concern regarding pollution and their healthy living.

Sunday morning is offering hope, that dying life of hectic monday to friday is ultimately resolved with a glance of saying “enough. Let’s taking a break”.

  1. Suddenly, I’m looking for Omme chat! Huft šŸ˜›

    Klik, PAUSE! Let’s enjoy the musical šŸ˜€

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